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About Our Weed Control, Weed Killer Equipment,
Industrial Weed Control throughout the UK

Have a look around our website for a snapshot of our business. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll try to help.

Greenaway is an established company that has supplied domestic and industrial weed killer products to the local authority and amenity maintenance sectors successfully for many years. We advocate the use of the controlled droplet spray system (CDA) for weed control and our weedkiller equipment is designed for this purpose and our range of herbicides and adjuvants have been developed for use with this equipment.

We provide a full back up service for all our products inclusive of maintenance of equipment, health and safety data sheets, protective clothing, training services, technical advice and an agent/representative in your own locality. We can also offer the loan of spraying equipment (subject to volume orders for chemicals).

Despite our commitment to CDA Greenaway has acknowledged that some customers still prefer knapsack spray systems for weedkiller more commonly known as (Roundup). To cater for these clients we have recently introduced a small range of products to suit their needs. We would be very pleased to discuss your weed control problems and find the right solution for you. A free demonstration of the system is available.

We also offer weed control products for amenity maintenance, aquatic weed control, forestry and weedkiller for industrial weed control.








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